Don't need to trial your saddle? Get free shipping using code FREESHIP. Use of this discount negates a right to a saddle trial.
Don't need to trial your saddle? Get free shipping using code FREESHIP. Use of this discount negates a right to a saddle trial.
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Saddle Trial Policies

For our local shoppers, trials are easy! Simply come in and select a few saddles to try on your horse. We will have you fill out a credit card authorization form,  and a "break it, you buy it" form. You will have three business days to decide if the saddle is a good fit for you and your horse. 

Online orders with store pickup as the shipping method must be picked up in a prompt manner. Saddles must be picked up within 3 business days, or the buyer will be automatically refunded less a 5% restocking fee. Being that our saddles are consigned, having them unavailable for other buyers for any longer is not fair to our consignors. 

For our out of town buyers, we ship saddles daily (except Monday and Tuesdays when we are closed). Read on to learn more about the process. 

Sometimes it takes a few days for us to ship a saddle. Some saddles require specialty boxes if they are not a standard size, and take a day or so to get our hands on. We ship through UPS and USPS.

The buyer must purchase the saddle for full price upfront, and is responsible for all shipping costs incurred. Shipping to the buyer automatically calculates at checkout. Once a saddle arrives, the buyer has three business days to get the saddle back in the mail if they do not wish to keep it. If the buyer is unable to ship the saddle within the three day period, they must contact Northwest tack consignment immediately to try to work out an extension. An extension is not guaranteed. The buyer must provide saddle tracking info to Northwest tack consignment.  It can be texted, Emailed, or given over the phone. All contact info is on an information packet in the box with the saddle. 

The buyer understands that if they damage the saddle in any way, that they will not be able to return the saddle. Examples of damages include but are not limited to, scratches, gouges, broken tree, ripped leather, missing pieces, broken hardware, etc. The buyer also understands that they are responsible for the security of the saddle while it is in their possession. If the saddle is stolen, the buyer is responsible for the full cost of the saddle. 

The buyer understands that the staff at Northwest Tack Consignment are not certified saddle fitters. Northwest Tack Consignment is unable to guarantee that a saddle taken on trial will fit the buyer's horse. Northwest Tack Consignment will do their best to guide the buyer in selection of a saddle. However, it is up to the buyer to determine if the saddle correctly fits the horse and rider. The buyer is strongly encouraged to work with a trainer and/or a certified saddle fitter.

When packaging a saddle for return, please use all bubble wrap and packaging that the saddle arrived in. If a saddle is damaged during transport back to the store, the customer is liable. We strongly recommend insuring your package for the full amount. 

Saddle shipping return address:

1501 Pioneer Highway

Silvana, WA 98287-9800 

( Do NOT send to our address at 1401!!!)