Fallom Taylor Ranch Dressn SMB - Teal Leopard
Fallom Taylor Ranch Dressn SMB - Teal Leopard
Fallom Taylor Ranch Dressn SMB - Teal Leopard
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Fallom Taylor Ranch Dressn SMB - Teal Leopard

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This is one pair of new Tacktical sports medicine boots. They come in a set if two, and can be used on front or hind legs. 


Description from Ranch Dressn'

Tacktical Splint Boots have been designed with your horse in mind. 

Protecting and prolonging our horses careers are on all of our minds with each ride. 

We offer a stylish solution for protection in a splint boot style that works for all disciplines: barrel racing, jumping, pole bending, reining, breakaway roping and more! 

How do these boots fit? 

Size Medium is ideal for any breed horse from 14h-16.2h tall. 

How do I wash them? 

While they can be used in the washing machine (never in the dryer) we find that spraying boots off with a water hose and air drying is the most effective thing to retain elasticity for the longest time. 

How tight should they be? 

A snug fit is recommended but if your horse is recovering from an injury it is always best to consult your veterinarian about how they would like your sport boots to fit. 

Can they be used front and back? 

Absolutely. In an effort to be the most efficient and cost effective boots in your tack room, the design allows us to use our boots effectively on both front and back legs.