Communication System
Communication System
Communication System
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Communication System

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Comtek M-216 Communication system 

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Description from manufacture:

Comtek M-216


  • For PR-216 & PR-216 Option 7 Receivers
  • Compact for Use in the Field
  • Rugged, Short Whip Antenna
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • Up to 40 Hours with Standard 9V Battery
  • Auxiliary Audio Input Jack
  • Belt Clip & Carry Case Included


The M-216 Option P7 from Comtek is a high-quality wireless transmitter ideal for location sound applications. The line-level input allows you to connect a variety of audio sources, and the rugged 6" whip antenna provides a great transmission range. Use it with the PR-216 headphone receiver to create a confidential audio channel.

The M-216 Option P7 uses a combination of both analog and digital technologies to offer the best audio quality possible, with low noise, wide dynamic range, and a great frequency response. It can transmit on 38 standard channels and 19 high-fidelity channels for full compatibility.

Compact, lightweight beltpack is ruggedly built for use in the field

Combined use of analog and digital technologies provides great sound quality

The 3.5mm line-level mini input allows you to connect a variety of audio sources

The 6" short whip antenna connects via a standard BNC connector to provide an extended range

Transmits on 38 standard channels and 19 high-fidelity channels

Built-in microcontroller automatically sets deviation, audio processing, and EQ

Operates on a standard 9V alkaline battery for up to 40 hours

Detachable belt clip and carry case included